The Sunflower Project

The Sun Flower Project

Hard Pressed Cornwall is excited to announce our new Sun Flower Project.
This Project has been a passionate adventure for us at Hard Pressed Cornwall. Over the last year we have taken the time to build a Sun Flower farm with over half a million Sun Flowers in the heart of Cornwall. This huge task has never been seen before in the UK and will enable us to make the first UK farmed Sun Flower Oil available to order in October.

This project not only looks beautiful but is also a huge step towards helping the environment. We have teamed up with local farmers in Cornwall to plant 16 acres of seeds to be turned pressed and tuned into our famous cooking oils. By planting and growing over half a million Sun Flowers we are able to help the eco system of Bees.The bright, large flower heads of sunflowers (Helianthus annuus and cultivars) present a nectar and pollen mother lode for their pollinators, which are bees of all kinds. Each flower head's central disc contains many smaller tubular disc flowers, each with its own supply of nectar and pollen. The showy outer ray petals help attract the pollinators. Bees go from flower to flower within the disc, becoming covered with pollen. They then pollinate other sunflowers as they go from plant to plant.

To us the biggest benefit of the Sun Flower project is that we can now make Cornish Oils form completely Cornwall grown seeds. Meaning we no longer have a need for importing and reducing our carbon foot print.