Hand crafted in Cornwall, our artisan, cold-pressed, award winning cuisine oils are being dubbed as a culinary revolution. These oils are here to spice up the ordinary, replace your half used spices and take pride of place over that grubby bottle of crisp & fry at the back of the cupboard.

All of our oils are made from 8 incredible seed varieties and heaps of natural herbs and spices. It’s in our ethos, honest ingredients make honest products.

We see our oils, and our brand, as a table top condiment as well as a cleverly refined cooking oil.

Our oils are a new breed of flavour, a new method of cooking and preparing food. They can be simply enjoyed as a condiment to complement your dishes, assist you in the finishing touches with drizzles onto soups, pasta, pizza or they can become your go to pan lubricant, cooking up to and above 180c; stir-frying, shallow frying, marinating or barbecuing cooking begins with oil. 

The range of seed types in each bottle, not only contributes to the layers of flavour but also makes our oils rich in omega 3 and 6, with the added bonus of notable quantities of vitamins and minerals. The goodness comes from our premium and wholesome superseed varieties such chia, poppy, golden flax, sesame and pumpkin. We use no flavourings or colour enhancement it’s all comes naturally.  

The mix, quality and quantities of seed varieties as well as the carefully selected varieties of herbs/spices is definitely responsible for the unique and powerful taste and aromas offered by our oils  We combine traditional pressing techniques with modern flavour extraction to truly squeeze every ounce of flavour out of our ingredients and into your bottle. 




Cooking and eating is more than a necessity, it’s about bringing together family, friends and communities, food creates memories and experiences.

As an ex-chef of 6 years that ultimately couldn’t handle the heat, routine and unsocial hours, I knew I couldn’t stay away from creating flavour and exploring what was possible for long.

The joy of being able to put a smile on a strangers face through flavour alone, is a gift I am eternally grateful for. Watching peoples eyes light up as they taste something so technically pure is what has driven me to commit to this passion project; to bring flavour, and goodness into the mundane. 

Jack - HPC