Hard pressed oils

Hard pressed oils

 "what makes your product different to those that exist?" 


 We Cold press the raw seeds and perform our magic here in Cornwall. 

We see our oils, and our brand, as a table top condiment as well as well refined cooking oil. Our oils are a new breed of flavour, a new method of cooking and preparing food, or simply a condiment to complement your dishes. Our oils are a cuisine oils can always assist you from drizzles onto  soups, pasta, pizza or as a dipping oil on a bread and meat platter, to stir-frying to shallow frying, from marinating to barbecuing cooking begins with oil. 


We use a range of seed types in each bottle, these include premium and wholesome varieties such chia, poppy, golden flax, sesame and pumpkin. We use no flavourings or colour enhancement, as each bottle contains heaps of the purest, raw herbs and spices. 

The mix, quality and quantities of seed varieties as well as the carefully selected varieties of herbs/spices is definitely responsible for the unique and powerful taste and aromas that our oils give off. We combine traditional pressing techniques with modern flavour extraction.

The single flowing and developing flavour takes you on a journey with us, and watching peoples eyes light up as they taste something so technically pure is what has driven us to commit to this project. 

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